Hey Ladies! 
I'm going to be real here. Straight from the heart. "Most" Women, do not think very highly of themselves.
7 out of 10 women or girls feel they are not good enough or do not measure up in some way.

LADIES!  You are all being FAR too hard on yourselves!  EVERY woman is beautiful! Including YOU!

I have spent my whole life coming to this realization but now I see it so clearly! The flaws and 
imperfections you see in yourself are what help me emphasize your true beauty and show you your own 
definition of beautiful. There is no such thing as a perfect body type. No such thing as the perfect weight, 
hair color, eye color, cup size, or clothing size. 

And guess what?! THATS PERFECTLY OK and in my opinion, preferred! 
The reason I do this, is to help you "EXPERIENCE YOURSELF" The true you. The you that every other person sees. 
Whether that be your special someone, your best friend, a stranger or even your mom. Your true beautiful self.  

I haven't had a single woman come to a shoot and say "YUP, IVE GOT THIS". Every single person says something 
like, "Im so nervous, Im not photogenic, I have no idea what to do, Im so awkward in front of the camera, 
I really wanted to lose just 10 more pounds". Now let me tell you why we all say these things. Because we are 
preparing ourselves to see the person we "think" we see in the mirror. But what you actually see in your photos 
is the REAL person staring back at you. Its incredible! 

I LOVE hearing "OMG, THATS ME?!" when my ladies receive their photos. Not because I over edit a woman's body, 
but because they are speechless with the realization that they are their own definition of perfect! 

It's you. 
In your RAW form. 

Im not changing you or them, I don't edit away your bodies or give breast implants. I emphasize your assets 
(which you have many more than you think) and simply allow you to see the true you. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. 
And I do this so that I can help every woman realize just how beautiful you truly are.  

So please, let me allow you to see yourself through the world's eyes. Help me, help you, "Experience Yourself".


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